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Boomerang Pro Fitness was founded by John Camilleri in 2015 to provide performance training to athletes across all disciplines.

John Cammilleri

What made you want to pursue your passion in this field?

I’ve always been a competitive person with a real love for many sports and enjoyed being physically fit. Undertaking a degree in Sports Studies opened my eyes to training in new ways. Here I discovered how to break down overall physical performance to it's constituent parts to achieve the optimum overall. I started applying these different strategies in my own sports coaching and wrote a paper on feedback methods for optimal skill acquisition, which is at the root of what Boomerang Pro Fitness is all about.

How did you come to this point in your career?

My career in fitness to this point has been very broad. From personal training in gym environment, I then became a GP referral and cardiac rehabilitation exercise physiologist in a clinical environment. Most recently I specialised in human performance in professional sport. I believe that each of these contrasting experiences have given me a great insight in how to get the most out of an individual, whatever the scenario.

Why start Boomerang Pro Fitness? Why now?

I’ve spoken to many athletes during the last few years, especially racing drivers, who take their fitness seriously, but have largely failed to make best use of their fitness data. For example, they have undertaken comprehensive lab-based assessments that measure lots of different variables, but then not used that valuable data afterwards for a fitness programme. Where fitness programmes were given, athletes were never retested to establish their effectiveness. This incomplete approach seemed to be very ineffective for so many people, so after completing the professional motorsport season with Aston Martin Racing, Boomerang Pro Fitness was born.