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Event support

Boomerang Pro Fitness does not exclusively operate at its Oxfordshire base. We have years of experience providing on-event support for sports organisations and individual athletes. Our team of trainers and therapists can be embedded within pre-existing teams, or we can provide a complete stand alone service anywhere in the world.

We think that being competition ready doesn't end at the gym door after your last training session. Boomerang Pro Fitness can be there on the big day to ensure that the mind of the athlete stays focused on winning.

From advising on time zone adjustment, hydration and organising the best nutrition whatever the circumstances, by having our team with you on an event you can continue your physical and mental preparations until the last moment of competition. We can set up warm up zones and temporary treatment centres to care for athletes whether they are in a marina, a pit lane or a stadium.

Boomerang Pro Fitness can supply physiotherapists, osteopaths, masseurs and trainers to take care of not only your star athlete, but for the supporting team. In many sports, particularly motorsport, keeping the rest of the team in top condition to work can be just as important. Having a health and fitness provision available for all not only reduces occupational injury and increases morale, but could also save your team time in the all important pit stop or rally service.

From season-long contracts to one-off competitions, Boomerang Pro Fitness are specialists in on-event support. Contact us to discuss your requirements.