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As well as focusing on physical training and refining skill-sets, it is also very important for athletes to manage their recovery.

After putting in blood, sweat and tears on the training field it makes sense that on competition day an athlete feels as fresh and prepared as possible. Sports massage therapy plays an important role, especially during the tapering phase in the build up to competition.

Sports massage therapy has multiple physical benefits including:

  • pain reduction, through the removal of waste products within the muscle cells
  • improved oxygen, nutrient delivery and absorption through blood vessel dilation
  • improvement with postural issues and muscle imbalances by improving tissue elasticity and stretching the muscle fibres

Collectively these effects helps reduce the athlete’s overall risk of muscular injury.

Sports massage therapy can also have psychological benefits for the athlete. Treatment helps achieve a state of relaxation through improved circulation and oxygen delivery to the muscle cells. This combination of muscle relaxation and the release of endorphin chemicals in the blood stream can help with anxiety reduction.

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