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Comprehensive fitness testing is essential for all athletes because it provides the benchmarks that shape fitness programmes, personal training sessions, sports therapy and nutritional plans.

Boomerang Pro Fitness are able to first gather that data through our testing technique, and then work with you to create a bespoke training plan that is relevant and appropriate to your end goal; whether that be a World Championship or making the starting line up for the first time.

Our team includes specialist trainers, physiotherapists, osteopaths, masseurs, mind coaches and nutritionists. These highly skilled professionals can provide support to pre-existing training plans, as well as through a complete Boomerang Pro Fitness provided programme.

Our premises, centrally located just off the M40 in Oxfordshire, includes a private gym and treatment area exclusively for Boomerang Pro Fitness clients. With state of the art equipment always available, personal training can be provided at the time and pace required to get the results you want.

To make any programme the best it can be we also need to understand how an athlete is performing live, in their competitive arena. We believe this data is key if an athlete’s physical preparation is going to be constantly evolving. Boomerang Pro Fitness has real-time physiological monitoring equipment to make sure what you do in the gym reflects the unique challenges of your sport.