Like any relationship, the more you invest in it, the more it will thrive. The relationship between your company and your employees is no different. One of the most well-documented topics is that employee retention is not commonly linked to earnings. In fact, it is associated with employees feeling valued, invested in and happier. Healthier and happier employees mean a stronger workforce.

Therefore there are real, tangible benefits for companies that invest in their employees’ wellbeing, including:

  Improved performance and engagement
  Increased employee retention and attracting the best candidates
  Reduced recruitment costs
  Sickness/absence reduction
  Improved stress management
  Increased creativity and motivation
  Higher quality of work
  Devoted employees who are dedicated to their job within your company


We recognise that employee’s health and wellbeing is a crucial contributor to their performance, productivity, engagement, and sense of value within their job role. We want to work with you to support your company in promoting employee wellbeing.

Making the health of your workforce a priority will keep them engaged and performing. We can support the achievement of a positive motivational climate and reputation for your business.

Boomerang Pro Fitness was founded in 2015 to provide health, wellbeing and performance support to athletes and companies across all disciplines.
Our experienced team has the knowledge and skills required to provide anybody with the tools to aid wellness with a focus on maintaining the mind and body to the best possible condition for optimal performance.
Every business is different, so we develop a bespoke package to complement your organisation and your workforce with our dedicated team of professionals. By implementing an innovative and measurable wellness programme, we can help your business

Thrive by offering:
■  Group physical activity and exercise sessions
  Individual health and wellness checks
  Wellbeing workshops focussing on a range of health topics
  Healthy eating seminars
■  Team building challenges
■  Occupational health referral


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