The Boomerang Cycle is a four-step process: Benchmark, Analyse, Execute, Repeat. We believe that by following these steps, your fitness training will be more relevant, more focused and more effective.

1. Benchmark

We measure the following benchmarks as a foundation to develop a full profile of a person’s health and fitness. These are baseline variables that are relevant across multiple sports and can be assessed at any sporting location.

  Resting heart rate
  Blood pressure
  Lung function
  Body composition
  Core strength
  Grip strength
  Cholesterol levels
  Blood glucose

2. Analyse

We use the BioCOM real-time physiological analysis system to show exactly what a person is experiencing during competition. As well as using this data to shape individual fitness programmes, we also use it to assist teams in making strategic decisions in a race situation. The system provides the following physiological data for comprehensive performance analysis:

  Heart rate
  Breathing rate
  Breathing wave
  Core body temperature
  Postural analysis
  G-forces on the driver
Blood glucose levels

3. execute

Based on the data collected at the Benchmark and Analyse stages, decisions can then be made on how best to design a person’s training programme. Corrective exercise, sports therapy, and other factors may need to be considered at this stage to have a positive effect on performance.

4. repeat

The frequency, intensity, and mode of sporting preparation changes over the course of a season, so we recommend that the Boomerang Cycle should be repeated pre-season, during the build-up to major competitive events, as well as during events as required.


As well as focusing on physical training and refining skill-sets, it is also essential for athletes to manage their recovery.

After putting in blood, sweat and tears on the training field, it makes sense that on competition day, an athlete feels as fresh and prepared as possible. Sports massage therapy plays an important role in feeling ready, especially during the tapering phase in the build-up to competition.

Sports massage therapy has multiple physical benefits, including:

  Pain reduction, through the removal of waste products within the muscle cells
  Improved oxygen, nutrient delivery and absorption through blood vessel dilation
  Improvement with postural issues and muscle imbalances by improving tissue elasticity and stretching the muscle fibres

Collectively these effects help reduce the athlete’s overall risk of muscular injury. Sports massage therapy can also have psychological benefits for the athlete. Treatment helps achieve a state of relaxation through improved circulation and oxygen delivery to the muscle cells. This combination of muscle relaxation and the release of endorphin chemicals in the bloodstream can also help with anxiety reduction.

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Optimal nutrition is essential for sporting performance, so we are proud to partner with industry leaders Science in Sport to help our clients get the right advice on tailoring their nutrition plans appropriately.

We can help on every level by providing information about different food groups for a balanced diet, food shopping tips, helping  understand food labels, reference in-takes, eating appropriately when travelling and dismissing myths around nutrition, all the way up to sport specific plans for elite athletes in the competitive arena.

Our approach is to run an individual nutrition analysis and then make recommendations as required. This works on two levels – daily and during competition.

How much water should I be drinking daily?
How can caffeine improve my sporting performance?
I know fat is important in my diet, but which fats are essential?
I’m a vegetarian athlete. What protein sources would be beneficial for me?

These are just some of the questions we can help answer, so get in touch today to see how we can help you fuel for optimum performance.


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